Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Soup for Breakfast

My new book, Soup for Breakfast,
will be out on November 4th.
Rather than describe it, here's
a formal introduction from me,
printed on the front flap:
Let’s enjoy a bowl of soup to start the day.
What do you say?
I, Calef Brown,
will be your host
as we create a masterpiece
on a piece of toast,
and build a world of building blocks
alongside future architects–
the smart and savvy “Architots”.
Speaking of being brainy,

did you know that kindness
towards elephants
is a sign of intelligence?
The same goes for other creatures, however silly or odd.
Look for an egret with a secret, fuzzy wuzzy cod,
even a 2-D cat.
Imagine that!

That about sums it up.
Pre-order a copy here,
or at your local bookstore.

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