Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Greece! Rome! Monsters! Art!

I recently received a wonderful email from Rainier,who created this amazing wall hanging
for her son Gabriel. The project was inspired by his interest in Greek mythology,
and by extension, the book that I illustrated titled Greece! Rome! Monsters!
Check out the beautiful bead and fabric renderings of my paintings. I'm very flattered
to have such fantastic skill and effort put into bringing them to life in another medium.
Thanks Rainier, for sharing this cool project!


crs said...

Ok, well, seen together, your work blows mine away! It's really fun to see both side by side. When I showed my son your blog, he cried, totally excited and impressed, "Wow, so we're really on the computer?!"

Thanks for posting these! It made our evening tonight!

All the best,

Jack said...

Dear Calef,
Please do more posts. I love reading them!

pussman said...

I ve your drawings and I 'm glad I ran into it by accident( I wanted to look up howmany toes a bear has)
Bye see your drawings soon.
I am an illustrator to!

pussman said...

I mean "I love"

Sorry! am in a hurry!