Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Swarm of Snails

I was in Providence last weekend, reading
and signing books at the
Rhode Island Festival
of Children's Books and Authors,
which was wonderful, lots of fun!
When I sign copies of Polkabats and Octopus Slacks
I usually draw a snail along with my signature –
a nod to the poem Snails, in the book.
As I was dooding the aforementioned creatures,
I reflected on how satisfying and easy they are to draw.
When i returned home, I pulled out a jar of india ink
and some brushes, and drew a swarm of 41 snails.
Catsnails, Dogsnails, even a Calaverasnail.
Halloween is coming, after all.


Frizz said...

Such imaginative snails!!
Glad you've been a bloggin'.

Got a question...
What comes first, the poems or the sketches?

Dee said...

Swarm, indeed! What great personalities they have!

Calef Brown said...

Thanks! As for which comes first. it's a little of both. Sometimes
a sketch inspires a poem, and sometimes a word or phrase sparks something...